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...empowering you to make better choices for a lifetime without needing expensive supplements or coaching by addressing the underlying causes of unhealthy cravings.

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Who is Control Your Cravings the right fit for?
  • Frustrated by Repeated Food Cravings
  • ​Wanting a Healthier Life but NOT Knowing Where to Start
  • ​Ready for a Meaningful Change
  • ​Wanting Information to Make Changes Easy and FOR GOOD
What Members/Students Are Saying:
 It feels good to know I'm fueling by body properly with Dr. Angela's guidance.

                                                                                                           - Tricia H

This is exactly what I am looking for!  I'm so thankful for Dr. Angela's work, and so excited to do this!
                                                                                           - Jami L
This course taught me several different things about losing and controlling weight: it gave me tips and techniques, exercises, and good informationthat helps with my weight loss journey.  Thank you for all you do and continue to do for me.

 - Theresa H.

"Thank you Dr. Angela for changing my mindset and changing my life!!" - Lisa D
What You'll Get:
  • Control Your Cravings 12-week online course (value $250/month)
  • ONE Live Q&A and Checkin Session with Dr. Angela Hanley (value $127)
  • A Private Virtual Community (PRICELESS)
That would be at least a $377 monthly (more than $1100 )...
For only $497: add your 30% discount it's only 347.90!!   
That's less than a month's value for the FULL 12-video course!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time per week does this take?  - You work at your own pace, and 30 minutes per video is all you need! 

2. How quickly will I learn to make better choices?  - With the FIRST video, we are already diving into the heart of what drives us to make unhealthy choices, and you'll be surprised by the answer, as well as how quickly you can shift your choices!

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